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Sean O'Keefe


  • Ph.D., Food Technology, Iowa State University, 1988
  • M.S., Food Science, Technical University of Nova Scotia, 1984
  • B.S., Biology, St. Francis Xavier University, 1981

Teaching Responsibilities

FST 4014, Concepts of Food Product Development (syllabus)
FST 4514, Food Analysis (syllabus)
FST 5984, Flavor Chemistry (syllabus)

Employment History

July 2008 - Present Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA
July 1996 - November 1999 Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
March 1991 - June 1996 Assistant Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Selected Funding Sources

Florida Seagrant
National Peanut Council
Micronutrients, Inc.
Minute Maid Corporation
National Marine Fisheries Service
Southeastern Poultry and Egg Association


Certificate of Teaching Excellence. 2011. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Tech
Faculty Teaching Award. 2008. Gamma Sigma Delta, Virginia Tech.
Bailey Award. 2004. R.W. Mozingo, S.F. O'Keefe, T.H. Sanders and K.W. Hendrix. American Peanut Research and Education Society.

Improving quality of peanuts by selecting varieties with modified fatty acid composition, control of maturity and other agronomic factors, and use of novel processing methods.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Ye L, Wang H, Duncan SE, Eigel W, O’Keefe SF.  2015.  Antioxidant properties of vine tea (Ampelopsis grossedentata) extract and its major component dihydromyricetin in soybean oil and cooked ground beef.  Food Chem. 172: 416-422.

Dorenkott MR, Griffin LE, Goodrich KM, Thompson-Witrick KA, Fundaro G, Ye L, Stevens JR, Ali M, O'Keefe SF, Hulver MW, Neilson AP.  2014. Oligomeric cocoa procyanidins possess enhanced bioactivity compared to monomeric and polymeric procyanidins for preventing the development of obesity, insulin resistance, and impaired glucose tolerance during high-fat feeding.  J. Agric. Food Chem. 62(10): 2216-2227.

Duckson M., R. Boyer, J. Eifert, J. Marcy, S. O'Keefe, G. Welbaum. 2013.  Allyl isothiocyanate reduces foodborne pathogens on the surface of whole cantaloupe. J. Food Prot. 76(A):169.

Waldron C., J. Eifert, R. Williams, S. O'Keefe. 2013.  Efficacy of Delmopinol against Campylobacter jejuni on Chicken, Stainless Steel and High density Polyethylene. J. Food Prot. 76(A):174.

Mann GR, Duncan SE, Knowlton KF, Dietrich AD, O'Keefe SF. 2013. Effects of mineral content of bovine drinking water:  Does iron content affect milk quality? J. Dairy Sci. 96:7478-7489.

Sarnoski PJ, Johnson JV, Reed KA, Tanko JM, O'Keefe SF. 2012. Separation and characterization of proanthocyanins in Virginia-type peanut skins by LC-MSn. Food Chem. 131(3): 927-939.

Rognlien M, Duncan SE, O'Keefe SF, Eigel WN. 2012. Consumer perception and sensory effects of oxidation in savory-flavored yoghurt enriched with n-3 lipids. J. Dairy Sci. 95: 1690-1698.

Huff K, Boyer RR, Denbow C, O'Keefe SF, Williams R. 2012. Effect of storage temperature on survival and growth of foodborne pathogens on whole, damaged, or internally inoculated Jalapenos (Capsicum annum var. annum). J. Food Protection 75(2): 382-388.

Sarnoski PJ, Boyer RR, and O'Keefe SF. 2012. Application of proanthocyanidins from peanut skins as a natural yeast inhibitory agent. J. Food Sci. 77(4): M242-M249.

Moore RL, Duncan SE, Rasor AS, Eigel WN, O'Keefe SF.  2012.  Oxidative stability of an extended shelf-life dairy-based beverage system designed to contribute to heart health.  J. Dairy Sci. 95(11): 6242-6251.

Kline MA, Duncan SE, Bianchi LM, Eigel WN, O'Keefe SF. 2011. Light wavelength effects on a lutein-fortified model colloidal beverage. J. Agric Food Chem. 59(3): 7203-7210.

Macherey LN, Conforti FD, Eigel III W, O'Keefe SF.  2011.  Use of Mucor miehei lipase to improve functional properties of yolk-contaminated egg whites.  J. Food Sci. 46(4): C651-C655.

Holland KW, Balota M, Eigel III WN, Mallikarjunan P, Tanko JM, Zhou K, O'Keefe SF.  2011.  ORAChromatography and total phenolic contents of peanut root extracts.  J.Food Sci. 76(3): C380-C384.

Sarnoski P, Ye L, and O'Keefe SF.  2012.  Fish and Shellfish.  In Food Chemistry:  Principles and Applications, 3rd ed., Hui Ed., Science Technology System.

O'Keefe SF, and Pike OA.  2010.  Fat Characterization.  Chapter 14 in "Food Analysis, 4th ed., S.S. Nielsen, Ed.  pp 239-260.

Holland KW, O'Keefe SF.  2010.  Recent applications of peanut phytoalexins.  Recent Patents on Food Nutrition and Agriculture.  2(3):221-232.

Sanpiero C, Boyer C, Eigel WN, Holland KW, McKinney JS, O'Keefe SF, Smith R, Marcy JE.  2010.  Enhancement of plant essential oil's aqueous solubility and stability using alpha and beta cyclodextrin. J. Agric. Food Chem. 58(24): 12950-12956.

Hong, J.H., Duncan, S.E., Dietrich, A.M., and O'Keefe, S.F.  2010.  Evaluation of the operationally defined soluble, insoluble, and complexing copper consumed through drinking water in human saliva.  Eur. Food Res. Technol. 231: 977-984.

Koontz, J.L., Moffitt, R.D., Marcy, J.E., O'Keefe, S.F., Duncan, S.E., and Long, T.E.  2010.  Controlled release of α-tocopherol, quercetin, and their cyclodextrin inclusion complexes from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) films into a coconut oil model food system.  Food Additives and Contamination, 27: 1598-1607.

Sarnoski, P.J., O'Keefe, S.F., Jahncke, M.L., Mallikarjunan, K., and Flick, G.  2010.  Analysis of crab meat volatiles as possible spoilage indicators for blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) meat by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.  Food Chem. 122(3): 930-935.

Koontz, J.L., Marcy, J.E., O'Keefe, S.F., Duncan, S.E., Long, T.E., and Moffitt, R.D.  2010.  Polymer processing and characterization of LLDPE films loaded with α-tocopherol, quercetin, and their cyclodextrin inclusion complexes.  J. App. Polymer Sci. 117:2299-2309.

Truong, V.T., Boyer, R.R., McKinney, J.M., O'Keefe, S.F., and Williams, R.C.  2010.  Effect of  α-cyclodextrin-cinnamic acid inclusion complexes on populations of Escherchia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella enterica in fruit juices.  J. Food Prot. 73:92-96.

Ballard, T., Mallikarjunan, P.K., Zhou, K., and O'Keefe, S.F.  2010.  Microwave assisted extraction of phenolic antioxidant compounds from peanut skins.  Food Chem. 120: 1185-1192.

Book Chapters

Sarnoski, P. J. and S. F. O'Keefe. Fish and Shellfish. In: Food Chemistry: Principles and Applications, 3rd ed. YH Hui, ed. Science Technology System, West Sacramento, CA. Publish date 2011.

O'Keefe, S. F. and O. A. Pike. 2010. Fat Characterization. Chapter 14 In: Food Analysis, 4th SS Nielsen, ed. pp 239-260.


    Dr. Sean F. O'Keefe

  • (540) 231-4437
  • (540) 231-9293 (Fax)
  • 402-A HABB1 (0924)
    Blacksburg, VA 24061