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Food Processing Pilot Plant


Large space filled with industrial food equipment. Joe Marcy, food science and technology department head, and Mary Leigh Wolf, biological systems engineering department head, examine blueprints inside the new Food Processing Pilot Plant in HABB1.

The 7,100-square-foot food processing pilot plant provides process and product development support to researches and industry. The space is designed to be versatile, incorporating drop down utilities and the potential for enclosure. Additionally, it provides a vital resource for food companies that are just starting up or are evaluating new equipment, processes and product lines. The HABB1 Building has a full loading dock, with levelor, and the doors into the pilot plant can accommodate equipment pieces up to 15' high and 9'-11" wide. The faculty and staff members who operate the plant are available for consultation and assistance with the development of novel processes and products, or simply for evaluation and analysis of samples or prototypes.

If you would like to begin using this facility, please fill out the use request form.


  • Utilities
    • 120/208V 3Phase service
    • 480V service
    • Chilled Water Supply
    • Vacuum
    • Medical grade (NFPA 99) compressed air
    • Natural Gas
    • CO2
    • N2
    • RO/DI-UV treated water
    • Steam
  • Environmental Rooms
    • 180sf of 0-10°C storage
    • 90 sf of -20°C Storage
  • Equipment
    • Pasteurizer – APV  (SR15S, wo 33161)
    • UHT/HTST Pasteurizer w/clean fill hood – Microthermics Lab 25-D
    • In-Line Homogenizer – GEA Niro Soavi/Microthermics
    • Single head volumetric piston filler variable fill up to 160 fl oz. – Simplex AV 100
    • Impingement Oven – Lincoln Model 1302 Conveyor 16”x50”
    • Lightning Mixer
    • Spray Drier – GEA Niro Mobile Minor
    • Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine w/MAP capabilities – Koch X200
    • Precision Oven – ThermoScientific
    • Stock Rotary Retort
    • 40 gallon Jacketed Vat with mixer
    • 60 gallon Steam Jacketed Kettle
    • 60 Gallon COP Tank