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Food Safety Pilot Plant (BLS2)

The 2,200 square-foot food safety pilot plant is certified for use with biosafety level 2 human pathogens. The space is designed to be versatile, incorporating drop-down utilities and the potential for enclosure. The building has a loading dock with leveler, the BSL2 space has 15' clear high bay space, and can fit equipment as wide as 7'-11". We are seeking partnerships with industry to conduct food safety research projects and evaluate commercial equipment and processes. The facility is designed for challenge and validation studies in a controlled environment.

If you would like to begin using this facility, please fill out the use request form


  • Utilities
    • 120/208V 3Phase service
    • Chilled Water Supply
    • Vacuum
    • Medical grade (NFPA 99) compressed air
    • Natural Gas
    • CO2
    • N2
    • RO/DI-UV treated water
    • Steam
  • Biosafety Cabinets
  • Equipment
    • Recirculating Brine Chiller – GCI Icewagon
    • Stainless Preparation Tables
    • Stainless Steel 3 compartment sink
    • Refrigerated Delicase - Fogel
    • Deli Slicer - Hobart 
    • Single Chamber Vacuum Packager – Koch Ultravac 250
    • Pilot Scale Ethylene Oxide Fumigation Chamber - Custom
    • Pilot Scale Dry steam sterilization chamber - Custom
    • CO2 Incubator, reach-in – Fisher Forma 13950
    • Biosafety Cabinet
    • Steris Pass through Sterilizer
    • UV Light system w/pump – Aquionics