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Departmental research areas are internationally recognized for cutting edge, industry-relevant research in protecting public health and enhancing food quality. Our research priority areas include:

  • Food Safety and Health.
  • Food Processing and Packaging.
  • Food Chemistry, Sensory Analysis and Food Quality.
  • Muscle Foods (Fish and Shellfish).


We have targeted our research to provide impact and have industry and national relevance. FST research contributions generally fall within five (among 13) of the Institute of Food Technologists highest priority areas (2009 IFT Current and Emerging Science Issues Expert Advisory Panel Report to IFT Board of Directors, March 4, 2009).    

  • Securing the Future of the Food Science and Technology Work Force.
  • Water Footprint of the Food System.
  • Food Security/Sufficiency or Food Insecurity/Insufficiency Ingredient Safety.
  • Models for Improving Food Quality via Physicochemical Modifications of Food Components.
  • Packaging.