Renee Boyer
Professor and Extension Specialist
401A HABB1 | | (540) 231-4330
Understanding food handlers behaviors related to safe food production/preparation, development of interventions and educational programs to enhance food safety

Herbert Bruce
Adjunct Faculty
117 Femoyer Hall | | (540) 231-8440
Beer chemistry and brewing operations 

Elizabeth Chang
Enology Extension Specialist
402D HABB1 | | (540) 231-2075
Supports the growth and success of the Virginia wine industry by acting as the link between Virginia Tech, Virginia Cooperative Extension and industry stakeholders.

Melissa Chase
Consumer Food Safety Program Manager
401E HABB1 | | (540) 231-9749
State Coordinator for the Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Food Volunteer Program, food safety educational programs

Susan Duncan
202B HABB1 | | (540) 231-8675
Sensory evaluation, food chemistry and quality, food packaging and processing, water for health, milk and dairy foods, functional foods

Joell Eifert
402C HABB1 | | (540) 231-2483
Food Innovations Program

Joseph Eifert
401B HABB1 | | (540) 231-3658
Food safety, poultry processing, HACCP and risk assessment, food laws and regulations, food safety education

Cristina Fernández Fraguas
Assistant Professor
402B HABB1 | | (540) 231-6953
Food chemistry

Linda Granata
Undergraduate Program
Academic Advisor
25D FST | | (540) 231-9570
Academic Advising Assessment

Haibo Huang
Assistant Professor
402J HABB1 | | (540) 231-0729
Food processing, fermentation engineering, process simulation and economic analysis

David Kuhn
Associate Professor
402E HABB1 | | (540) 231-8643
Seafood quality, seafood safety, aquaculture research and outreach programs

Jacob Lahne
Assistant Professor
402F HABB1 | | (540) 231-7428
Sensory evaluation

Joe Marcy
Professor, Department Head
22A FST | | (540) 231-7850
Food processing/packaging, food chemistry, modified atmosphere packaging, aseptic packaging

Sean O'Keefe
402A HABB1 | | (540) 231-4437
Food chemistry, lipid and flavor chemistry

Reza Ovissipour
Assistant Professor
VA Seafood AREC | | (509) 432-3882
Food and seafood safety, quality and value added products by applying engineering and novel technologies

Monica Ponder
Associate Professor
401D HABB1 | | (540) 231-5031
Microbial interactions of native microbes with host and other microbes and human pathogens

Amanda Stewart
Assistant Professor
401F HABB1 | | (540) 231-0868
Food and beverage fermentation and its relationship to improvements in human health

Laura Strawn
Assistant Professor
Eastern Shore AREC | | (757) 414-0724
Enhanced microbial safety of produce production at both the pre- and post-harvest level

Brian Wiersema
Pilot Plant Manager
103F1 HABB1 | | (540) 231-0864
Pilot plant operations

Robert Williams
401C HABB1 | | (540) 231-4106
Food safety/food microbiology, pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms in foods

Yun Yin
Research Assistant Professor
401J HABB1 | | (540) 231-2029
Aroma and flavor compounds in food systems, flavor analysis and sensory evaluation