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    Amanda Stewart Biophoto
    Amanda Stewart , bio

    Associate Professor: Food and beverage fermentation

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    Brett Driver
    Brett Driver , bio

    Project Associate

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    Brian Wiersema
    Brian Wiersema , bio

    Pilot Plant Manager

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    Dr. David Kuhn
    David Kuhn , bio

    Associate Professor: Seafood quality, Seafood safety, Aquaculture research and Outreach programs

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    Elizabeth Chang
    Elizabeth Chang , bio

    Enology Extension Specialist

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    Herbert Bruce
    Herbert Bruce , bio

    Assistant Professor of Practice for Undergraduate Education

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    Haibo Huang
    Haibo Huang , bio

    Assistant Professor: Food processing, Fermentation engineering, Process simulation and Economic analysis

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    Dr. Joseph D. Eifert
    Joseph Eifert , bio

    Professor: Food safety, Poultry processing, HACCP and risk assessment, Food laws and regulations, Food safety education

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    Jacob Lahne
    Jacob Lahne , bio

    Assistant Professor: Sensory evaluation

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    Dr. Joseph E. Marcy
    Joseph Marcy , bio

    Professor: Food processing/packaging, Food chemistry, Modified atmosphere packaging, Aseptic packaging

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    Joell Eifert
    Joell Eifert , bio

    Food Innovations Program Director

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    Joshua OHair
    Joshua OHair , bio

    Postdoctoral Associate

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    Ken Hurley
    Ken Hurley , bio

    Lab Director: Enology Analytical Services Laboratory

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    Lester Schonberger
    H. Lester Schonberger , bio

    Research Associate: Food Safety, Food Recovery

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    Laura Strawn
    Laura K. Strawn , bio

    Associate Professor: Food Microbiology, Produce safety

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    Melissa Chase
    Melissa Chase , bio

    Consumer Food Safety Program Manager: Master Food Volunteer Program, Food safety educational programs

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    Dr. Monica Ponder
    Monica Ponder , bio

    Professor: Microbiology

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    Melissa Wright
    Melissa Wright , bio

    Assistant Director, Food Innovations lab/Chemistry Lab Manager

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    Dr. Renee Raiden Boyer
    Renee Boyer , bio

    Interim Department Head, Professor and Extension Specialist: Food Safety, Outreach

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    Reza Ovissipour
    Reza Ovissipour , bio

    Assistant Professor: Sustainable Food Production Systems, Cellular Agriculture, AI and Bioprocessing, Food Safety Engineering

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    Dr. Susan E. Duncan
    Susan Duncan , bio

    Professor, Department of Food Science & Technology at Virginia Tech Associate Director, Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station Director, Center for Advanced Innovation in Agriculture, VT College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Affiliate faculty, Water INTERface Integrated Graduate Education Program (Water IGEP)

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    Dr. Sean F. O'Keefe
    Sean O'Keefe , bio

    Professor: Food chemistry, Lipid and flavor chemistry

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    Yun Yin
    Yun Yin , bio

    Assistant Professor: Aroma and flavor compounds in food systems, Flavor analysis and sensory evaluation