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Listed below are helpful links to industry resources including recommended textbooks for winemaking and analysis, winery economics, business plans, winery planning and design as well as useful links to government agencies.  We have included links to enology extension resources in both PA and NY.

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  • "Monitoring the Winemaking Process from Grapes to Wine: Techniques and Concepts" by Patrick Iland, Nick Bruer, Andrew Ewart, Andrew Markides, and John Sitters. (2004) ISBN: 095816052.
  • "Micro Vinification: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale Wine Production" by Murli R. Dharmadhikari and Karl L. Walker. (2001) ISBN: 0970797109
  • "Winery Technology and Operations" by Yair Margalit (1990) ISBN: 0932664660
  • "Chemical Analysis of Grapes and Wine: Techniques and Concepts" by Patrick Iland, Nick Bruer, Greg Edwards, Sue Weeks, and Eric Wilkes. (2004) ISBN: 0958160511
  • "Microbiological Analysis of Grapes and Wine: Techniques and Concepts" by Patrick Iland, Paul Grbin, Martin Grinbergs, Leigh Schmidtke, and Allison Sodin in conjunction with the Interwinery Analysis Group. (2007) ISBN: 0958160544
  • "Wine Analysis and Production" by Bruce W. Zoecklein, Kenneth C. Fugelsang, Barry H. Gump, and Fred S. Nury. (1999) ISBN:0-8342-1701-5 (Please note that the content of this book is meant for those that have a scientific background.)
  • "Wine Microbiology: Practical Applications and Procedures" by Kenneth C. Fugelsang and Charles G. Edwards. (2007) ISBN:0-387-33341-X
  • "Introduction to Wine Laboratory Practices and Procedures" by Jean L. Jacobson. (2006) ISBN: 0-387-24377-1
  • "New York State Winery Handbook – A Single Source Information Source for New York Winery Managers and Owners." $100. Contact the NY Wine and Grape Foundation at 315.536.7442.
  • "Writing a Business Plan: An Example for a Small Premium Winery." Mark E. Pisoni and Gerald B. White. Cornell University publication E.B. 2002-07.

Writing a Business Plan: An Example for a Small Premium Winery

An example of a business plan written for a small premium winery in the Finger Lakes Region of New York by Mark E. Pisoni and Gerald B. White

Cost of Establishment and Production of Vinifera Grapes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, 2001

Washington Guide to Sustainable Winery Practices.

  • "Wine Analysis and Production." Bruce Zoecklein. (1995).
  • "Winery Planning and Design." Bruce Zoecklein. Available from his web site and also Practical Winery and Vineyard magazine’s bookshelf.
  • "Winemaking Problems Solved." Edited by Christian Butzke, Purdue University. 2010.
  • "Wine Making: From Grape Growing to Marketplace." Richard Vine and Ellie Harkness
  • "Enology Notes Technical Briefs." Bruce Zoecklein
  • Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade
    The Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade bureau is under the United States Department of the Treasury. Their mission is to collect Federal excise taxes on alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and ammunition and to assure compliance with Federal tobacco permitting and alcohol permitting, labeling, and marketing requirements to protect consumers. 
  • Wine Import/Export/Wholesalers
    Web page provides information on U.S. requirements for importing, exporting alcohol. Also, alcohol wholesaler permit application packet.
  • Wine Labeling
    Wine labeling regulations and procedures.
  • Wine Permits
    Web page provides complete details on the Federal application process required to enter the wine industry.