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Sensory Evaluation Lab Kitchen

Our  facilities are housed in the Food Science and Technology Building (FST) and the Human and Agricultural Biosciences Building 1 (HABB1) which opened in 2014.  Additonal research labs are located in the Integrated Life Sciences Building (ILSB) in the  Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (CRC), the Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Hampton and the Eastern Shore Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Painter. The 93,500 square foot LEED-certified HABB1 building is designed to incorporate open workspaces and communal areas for faculty, students and industry to work collaboratively.   Research areas include pilot plants, laboratories, support facilities and a sensory/flavor testing suite with camera-equipped individual sensory panel booths and conference rooms. The pilot plants feature flexible high-bay equipment areas for use in the development of scale-up operations and process/packaging engineering systems.

Food Science Building (FST)

  • Administration
  • Classrooms and teaching laboratories
  • Newly renovated flexible SCALE-UP classroom
  • Packaging and processing pilot plant
  • Research laboratories
  • Sensory evaluation laboratory
  • Faculty and staff offices
  • Graduate student offices
  • Research winery and enology laboratory
  • Analytical Services Lab
  • High hydrostatic pressure processing laboratory

Human and Agricultural Biosciences Building 1 (HABB1)

  • Faculty and staff offices
  • Research laboratories
  • Sensory evaluation suite
  • Food processing and packaging pilot plant
  • Food safety pilot plant (BSL2)
  • Graduate student offices
  • Conference and seminar rooms