High Pressure Processing (HPP) is an emerging food treatment that makes food safer and extends its shelf life, while allowing the food to retain many of its original qualities and healthy attributes.  With high hydrostatic pressure applied evenly on a food product or sample many food spoilage and pathogenic  organisms can be safely inactivated resulting in a sterilized or pasteurized product.  HPP also tackles specific product quality and productivity issues without the use of flavor-altering additives or methods.  


  • Quintus Food Press 35L-600 by Avure Technologies
  • 35-liter capacity
  • Cold or room temperature sample processing
  • Convenient street level access through high bay rollup door
  • Ideal for food, vaccine, polymer, drug and packaging research
  • Extensive collection of published research on the high hydrostactic pressure technique
  • Trained faculty and operations staff available for testing protocol design
  • Additional services including sensory analysis, microbiological analysis, chemical and biochemical analyses and analysis of physical properties
  • Available for companies and researchers outside of Virginia Tech

Contact Information
Brett Driver
HABB1 Building (0924)
1230 Washington St.,SW
Blacksburg, VA 24061