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Sensory Evaluation Laboratory

Sensory Lab

The Sensory Lab provides the basis for decisions from ingredients and packaging to flavor and marketing. Our capabilities include consumer, descriptive and discrimination research using quantitative and qualitative methods. By exploring emotional response to foods through language choices and facial recognition and expression analysis, we can add valuable data that will aid both scientific and marketing decisions.


  • 10 individual panelist booths with:
    • Precision-controlled multi-option booth LED lighting
    • Sensory data collection workstations
  • Focus group/panel training room
  • Controlled and isolated sample preparation laboratory
  • Observational cameras with synchronous video recording software
  • Automated facial expression analysis software
  • Observational software for behavior and focus group analysis


Contact Information

Jacob Lahne
(540) 231-7428
402F HABB1 (0924)
1230 Washington St. SW
Blacksburg, VA 24061