Food Science is an exciting area that applies a blend of basic sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics with microbiology, biochemistry, mathematics and engineering to improve the safety, taste, nutrition and value of the world's food supply.  Excellent career opportunities are available  for students with undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Fast Facts

  • Practically 100% of Virginia Tech's Food Science and Technology graduates have jobs in product development, research, sales and marketing, quality assurance, production management, analytical and technical services and regulatory affairs at graduation.
  • Food processing is the largest industry in the United States.
  • This industry employs nearly 2 million people and accounts for more than 16 percent of the country's gross national product.
  • In a recent survey of U.S. Food Science programs, Virginia Tech ranked 6th nationally in placing Food Science B.S. graduates into graduate or professional schools.


The objective of the program is to develop within the student an understanding of the nature, properties, and characteristics of foods as determined through biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, physics, and other sciences.  Four options of study are available :

  • Science
  • Food Business
  • Food and Health
  • Food and Beverage Fermentation

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Our graduate students apply basic science and techology disciplines including biology, chemistry. engineering, etc.,  for innovation in processing, preservation, packaging, distribution and utilization of food and food products.  Degrees offered include:

  • M.S. Life Sciences (Food Science and Technology)
  • Ph.D. Food Science and Technology
  • Online Masters in Agriculture and Life Sciences (Food Safety and Biosecurity concentration, non-thesis)