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High Pressure Processing

High Pressure Processing

Virginia Tech is one of the nation's  leading programs in Food Science and Technology, and has a longstanding record of industry partnership to make innovations in technology, safety and product development a reality. Using high pressure processing to treat food products can have a remarkably positive effect on its quality, shelf life and safety profile. Other non-food areas in which HPP can be used include vaccine, drug and packaging research.

Why use High Pressure Processing?

  • Non-thermal preservation and pasturization technique
  • Hydrostatic pressures between 100 and 1,000 MPa are applied to food products
  • Makes food safer and extends shelf life
  • Food retains original qualities and healthy attributes
  • Flavor-alternating additives or special processes are not needed
  • Meets consumer demand for freshness without the negativity associated with other methods like irradiation

Emphasis Areas

  • Pathogen and spoilage microbiology
  • Sensory and physical properties of high-pressure processed foods
  • Packaging guidance