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Program Options

All four FST options cover the basic biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology.   FST core courses include food processing, food chemistry, product development, food microbiology, food analysis, and food safety and quality assurance.

  • Science Option
    Students choosing this option also gain an understanding of the principles of sensory science. Graduates in this area usually go on to careers focusing on product development processing, packaging, quality assurance, quality control, education, government or extension in addition to being well prepared for graduate school.
    Science Plan of Study (.pdf)

  • Food Business Option
    Students that choose this option take business courses including accounting, finance, management, marketing, business information technology and economics. Graduates are prepared for careers in management, technical sales, service and marketing.
    Food Business Plan of Study (.pdf)

  • Food and Health Option
    This plan of study is designed for students who are interested in the health professions. Successful completion of this program option satisfies the basic requirements for entrance to veterinary, dental and medical schools as well as other public health careers, as well as careers in the food industry.
    Food and Health Plan of Study (.pdf)
  • Food and Beverage Fermentation Option
    Students in this discipline learn the science behind fermented foods and beverages and their significant contribution to food processing and preservation and the human microbiome.  The skills learned prepare students for satisfying careers in the rapidly growing area of healthy foods in addition to the beer and wine industry. In 2017, this option received recognition by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, an honor bestowed upon only 13 other such programs in North America. 
    Beverage and Fermentation Plan of Study (.pdf)

The department offers a minor (please consult a department representative for requirements), as well as a double-major option in Food Science and Technology to students in all other colleges of the university.  Food Science and Technology students may participate in the Cooperative Education & Internship Program.