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Food Processing and Engineering

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Food Processing and Engineering is a wide-ranging field that applies engineering, chemistry, nanotechnology, environmental sciences, and microbiology principles through food processing operations to produce safe, nutritious, sustainable, and value-added products. Our faculty’s incredibly varied research in this area includes everything from converting food waste into usable and economically viable products to designing innovative new food packaging to extend product shelf life and quality.


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Food Safety and Preservation

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Food Chemistry

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Food Processing and Packaging

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Food Business


  • Bio Item
    Alexis Hamilton
    Alexis M. Hamilton , bio

    Assistant Professor: Food Processing Microbiology

  • Bio Item
    Brett Driver
    Brett Driver , bio

    Project Director

  • Bio Item
    Haibo Huang
    Haibo Huang , bio

    Associate Professor: Food Processing, Fermentation Engineering, Process Simulation and Economic Analysis

  • Bio Item
    Dr. Joseph D. Eifert
    Joseph Eifert , bio

    Professor and Graduate Program Director: Food Safety, Poultry Processing, HACCP and Risk Assessment, Food Laws and Regulations, Food Safety Education

  • Bio Item
    Marlon Ac-Pangan Headshot
    Marlon F. Ac-Pangan , bio

    Postdoctoral Research Associate: Postharvest Processing, Food and Beverage Fermentation, Food and Flavor Chemistry, Gas and Liquid Chromatography

  • Bio Item
    Melissa Wright
    Melissa Wright , bio

    Director, Food Producer Technical Assistance Network

  • Bio Item
    Xuanbo Liu
    Xuanbo Liu , bio

    Postdoctoral Research Associate: Food Processing and Engineering, Converting Food Waste into Value-Added Products

  • Bio Item
    Yifan Cheng
    Yifan Cheng , bio

    Assistant Professor: Food Packaging, Food Process Engineering, Food Safety, Antimicrobial Nanostructures for Food Contact Surfaces, Intelligent Packaging