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Food Science & Technology

Since 1968, the Department of Food Science & Technology has been a leader in contributing to food quality, safety, marketability, and availability through excellence in teaching, research, and extension. Our nationally ranked undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students for exciting and satisfying careers in industry, government, and academia.

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Areas of Research

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Food and Beverage Fermentation

Processing foods using microorganisms

Food Safety and Microbiology

Food Safety and Food Microbiology

Exploring the interactions between microbial communities

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Phytochemicals and Functional Foods for Health

Functional foods are those that may offer health benefits beyond their nutritional value.

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Food Processing and Engineering

Utilizing food processing operations to produce safe, nutritious, sustainable, and value-added products

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Food and Flavor Chemistry and Sensory Science

The science behind the human perception of food

A researcher holds up a fish


Diving into the breeding, raising, and harvesting of seafood in a controlled environment

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About Us

Our department educates, conducts research, and disseminates knowledge in the aim of making a positive impact on the world. Through cutting-edge research in novel fields and world-class education with a focus on experiential learning, we instill in students the science, business, and research skills they'll need to address the supply, health, financial, environmental, and agricultural challenges of communities throughout Virginia and across the globe.

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