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Through cutting edge and industry-relevant research, we provide real-world solutions for protecting public health, enhancing food quality and safety, and making technological advancements across a variety of fields.

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FST alumni have occupied the highest positions across food safety, epidemiology, cellular agriculture, flavor chemistry, and more. Around the world, we're making an impact.

We operate at the forefront of innovative food science research, including many emerging areas that didn't exist only a few years ago. Together with partners in industry, academia, and government, we're committed to improving life for communities in Virginia, the U.S., and across the globe.

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Our Research Portfolio Includes

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Food Safety and Microbiology

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Food and Flavor Chemistry

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Enology and Brewing Science

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Food and Beverage Fermentations

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Functional Foods for Health

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Education and Extension

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Food Processing and Packaging

Recruiting Faculty

Prospective students are encouraged to contact individual professors with matching research interests.